Social Marketing

The importance of internet marketing cannot be overstated! You can spend as much money as you want developing a fantastic website but there is no magic code that brings visitors to your site. This is true in the physical world as well as the digital world. Make sure you budget for marketing or all your efforts building that perfect website will be all for nothing!



Commercial Website Design & Programming

From small businesses such as Restaurants, Realtors, and Contractors to medium and large scale corporations, our design team is motivated to providing the experience, skill, and time to their designs. Whatever the budget, our design and programming is always 100% customized to best suit the client and project goals. All of our websites feature a full Content Management Console to allow the client a simple method by which to keep their content up to date. No knowledge of code is required, and we give you support after the sale.

Secure E-Commerce

There are a number of ecommerce modules on the market that provide boxed solutions to e-commerce needs, but we feel strongly that no client or their project can ever truly fit into such rigid boxes. Because of this philosophy we create 100% custom shopping carts, product databases, administration portals, and secure checkout procedures to ensure that each e-commerce project we complete is unique and best suited for the market demographic the client is aiming for. Whether there is a single product or a complex storefront with millions of items, we have the experience in building customized e-commerce web sites to handle it.

Relational Database Design

All of our websites and web applications employ a complex relational MySQL database to manage and maintain efficient data storage. We can develop efficient and expansive databases on any scale and pride ourselves on our intense efficiency testing. This testing and dedication to solid programming and database design allows our client's and their customers the optimal ease-of-use and minimum wait time when dealing with their database, whether it be their public web site, private back end application, or web based services.

Custom Application Programming

Custom programming for back end or public web applications is our specialty. We have developed such applications as a 600+ user mortgage management software, an online precious metals trading platform, customer relations management software, and countless other client requests. If there is an idea that can be implemented to save your employees time or help your customers better manage their accounts or services, we can make that idea a reality. When combined with ecommerce, we have developed automatic eBay auction posting programs. When combined with professional photographers, we have created massively relational private database portals to allow complex photo manipulation and storage. On the smaller scale, we develop custom photo galleries, video players, forums, blogs, and other website widgets for clients every day. For every concept, no matter the scale, there is a solution.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Developing a corporate identity requires open communication and a pricing schedule that allows for a large number of revisions and concept changes. It is because of our commitment to service and open dialog with our clients that we are so successful at creating unique and successful brand iconography, letterhead, PowerPoint templates, presentation materials, business cards, and any other print or web based branding and identity services.

Rapid Delivery Services

The time frame for any project is sometimes as important as the project design or programming itself. For this reason we take on our client's deadlines as our own, with the same level of dedication that they do, to ensure that no matter what the time frame, we provide a schedule and milestones that can be guaranteed. We are one of the few development firms that can reliably provide rapid turnaround services for projects of almost any scale, from one page websites to full ecommerce deployments. We have even provided clients with 24 hour turnarounds for a variety of projects when a deadline has changed or an opportunity for the client would have been missed without a next day web presence or branding materials.