Social Marketing

The importance of internet marketing cannot be overstated! You can spend as much money as you want developing a fantastic website but there is no magic code that brings visitors to your site. This is true in the physical world as well as the digital world. Make sure you budget for marketing or all your efforts building that perfect website will be all for nothing!


Website consulting company for small to mid-sized businesses. Improve your website without adding headcount to your team.

Website consulting is at the heart of strategy and tactics. Without it, you're either making mistakes or making guesswork with your website.

It is not all that difficult to build a website, either by using one of the many free or dirt cheap services that are everywhere. Or by grabbing a download of a free CMS like WordPress and learning some of the ins and outs of creating a site yourself.

The downside to any of these cheap or free options is they dont do anything to prepare you for success and in all cases you are on your own. I see it happen all the time where someone will choose a service like Web dot com and think it is going to be a breeze building their own website and for the most part it is not that difficult. The problems start a month or so down the road when you are not seeing any return on your efforts and dont know why.

You see building the website is the easy part, and none of these cheap offers tell you anything about working with the meta-data of the site or how to properly format it to be found in search engines. They are so focused on how many cool designs they offer with drag and drop features that will make your mouth water and filling their promo pages with details about the awesome bandwidth offering and email features.

What they are not telling you is how to build a website that will be effective and drive results that are (or should be) at the core of any web design project. These great companies are playing on the fact that just about every single person that signs up with them has no clue about web design and really it should be illegal what they are doing.